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JUST RELEASED: Fade Into Youa Mazzy Star cover featuring Tony “Doggen” Foster, lead guitarist of legendary UK Psych band, Spiritualized


While on a run of solo shows in England this past summer with a couple of days off in Nottingham, Jonathan and Tony were introduced by a mutual friend which led to an invite and opportunity to spend some time in studio together. Sitting around talking tunes, old guitars and favorite bands they found that they both loved Mazzy Star, particularly the breakout song from 1994, Fade Into You. They quickly decided to start tracking it out with a couple session players and worked in a short amount of time to lay down vocals and Tony’s beautiful slide parts, the remainder of the song was completed at Cacophony Recorders Studio with Jonathan’s band.


“It was a pleasure to work with Jonathan, a lovely guy; he filled the studio with true soul and put a great vibe around the song, it was a special day” said Tony Foster, Guitarist of Spiritualized.

Photo by Jorge Sanjueza-Lyon

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Fade Into You

by Jonathan Terrell

Color Me Lucky

color me lucky


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Booking: Trey Newman -Lee Crosbey Agency

Management: Sharilyn Mayhugh