JUST RELEASED: Fade Into Youa Mazzy Star cover featuring Tony “Doggen” Foster, lead guitarist of legendary UK Psych band, Spiritualized


Jonathan Terrell is a new breed of country, pulling inspiration from dreamscapes and in depth stories from the gorgeous and gritty corners of Americana. He received international praise for his 2008 full length solo debut, “Trials and Stimulations”, and began work on his next record until shelving the project in 2011 to front and tour with the rock’n’roll band, Not In The Face.

Terrell returned to his second album of songs and shaped them into an enchanting collection of yearning and bravado, heartbreak and redemption. He released “Past the Lights of Town” four years later, in 2015 on Candy Bang Records. He followed the release of “Past the Lights of Town” with residencies in NYC, DC and Philadelphia, a UK tour and a sold out French Tour. Jonathan is currently touring in the U.S. and finishing a new full length record set to release spring of 2019.


Jonathan Terrell Is a Feminist, Gun Toting Singer Smashing Country Stereotypes- Noisy

On last year's notable sophomore LP, Past the Lights of Town, Terrell hits sparse and direct, his voice rusted with a hard twang in sharp ballads that twist exceptional lines like barbed wire- Austin Chronicle

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by Jonathan Terrell

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